Boot Camp


 Functional movement is growing in popularity because it makes us stronger and fitter for the all the things we love to do. We created Boot Camp to incorporate the best of these approaches, without the barbell or technical weightlifting in typical CrossFit classes. The program is led by Coach Tyson to include small group classes and an hour of movement that focuses on body weight exercises, cardio, and core work.



  •  10 Class Pass: $125
  •  2x a week: $105/month
  •  Drop In: $15


 No prior experience necessary! 

 Drop-ins welcome!


Sample Workout


 Complete one set of each movement (A, B, C, then D) 

 within a minute, 

 A. 5-10 dips

 B. 5-10 hang power cleans or kettlebell swings

 C. 30 sec regular or extended plank hold

 D. 5-10 goblet or 1-arm overhead squats

Complete three sets of each movement 


 Metcon (Metobolic Conditioning): 

 “Tri Shorter”

 4 rounds total, 4 minutes for each round of: 

 10/8 calorie assault bike, and

 200 meter run, and

 10 calorie row.


 Have any existing injury? No problem. We will substitute another movement so you can get your workout on! Boot Camp is free to members and open to the public for $15 per session or $125 for a punch pass of 10 sessions. Advance reservations are encouraged as class size is limited to 10 people daily.

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 Beacon's facility includes four full bathrooms and private showers with soap and amenities to get you on your way following class.