Workout of the Day (WOD)
The daily WOD is the core of your experience. Each day is different and a new opportunity to build skills and improve fitness. All workouts are scaled and modified to each athlete’s level and performed at the highest intensity that the individual can sustain with good form and proper technique. The goal is to increase your work capacity across broad time and modal domains. In plain English? You'll be able to do what you love to do, better. And you'll be prepared for all the little surprises that life throws your way!
Workouts are posted on the main page the night before to allow you the opportunity to know what's ahead. If it's a new movement to you, you can ask a coach for help or check out some resources on-line to help you prepare. And if it's a benchmark workout, then you can look up your PR (personal record) and come in ready to rock!

Core FUNction Class
Core FUNction is designed for athletes interested in blending CrossFit with balance, core, and pre-habilitation exercises. The objectives are to recover from (and prevent) injuries, build core strength and balance, and prepare for sports outside the box. Classes are designed to build strength and endurance with EMOMs, supersets, burn-outs, stabilizer isolation work, and resistance bands, and include fewer olympic lifts, max lifts, and advanced gymnastics. Contact Coach Tyson to learn more.

Beacon Kids
Coach Kristen leads Beacon Kids classes on a session basis lasting 4-6 weeks at a time. The goal is to provide a class experience that is both fun and focuses on skill development. Each session will include two focus skills, but classes include a variety of movements, games, and other ways of making things extra FUN! For more information or to sign your child up contact Coach Kristen.

Teen Athlete Training 
Teen Athlete Training is hosted at Beacon and is designed to give middle school and high school athletes an edge on the field, turf, court, or diamond. We blend the principles and technique work of speed and agility with core CrossFit conditioning and general physical preparedness.
Participation in the program is on a drop-in basis. Please contact Coach Tyson for more information.

This speciality class runs at various times throughout the year for athletes interested in improving performance, fitness, and endurance for sports (including but not limited to CrossFit). Beacon's endurance class focuses on running biomechanics (primarily through the Pose Method®), nutrition, injury prevention, and training quality over quantity. Whether you're into racing, training for its own sake, or getting more powerful, you’ll walk (or run!) away with a refreshing perspective of how fun and effective endurance training can be.

Olympic Lifting
This specialty class is held in four- or six-week intervals and focuses on developing strength and technique on the snatch, clean and jerk. This class also emphasizes effective squat form and improves strength, stability, and confidence in the back and front squat positions.

This program is ideal for any athlete looking to develop better core strength, stability and flexibility. Beacon gymnastics class will help to improve your pull-ups, gain confidence with handstands and learn more technical bodyweight movements. It is a great addition to your regular CrossFit training.

This yin yoga class is offered to members to provide a relaxed balance to the intensity that is CrossFit. Athletes increase mobility and gain focus during this weekly Beacon offering.

Beacon is for everyone. 

We welcome all ages and abilities.

CrossFit is based on a proven approach, refined over years and designed around the following three principles:
I. Constantly-varied: No more falling into a rut of doing the same things over and over (and expecting a different result). While all CrossFit gyms follow the same general principles, it's up to the Head Coach to customize it, create the best results for the athletes, and maximize the fun-factor. Our WODs (Workouts of the Day) are planned weeks in advance to create the best outcomes.
II. Functional movements: Simply said, CrossFit focuses on the movements we all depend upon in our daily lives. Pushing, pulling, lifting, get the idea. A big part of improving functional movements is core strength, but you'll never see us doing crunches. Why? Because they don't work. Functional movement improves your core AND your other muscles together. Just like you use them everyday.
III. Perform at high intensity: Let's not mince words. The intensity you bring to the workout is what creates results. Luckily, you've got two things going for you. First, the periods of high intensity are kept as short as possible to create results. For example, the Tabata approach (named after it's inventor) has us do 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 cycles. The second thing that helps us raise our intensity is your fellow athletes. This is a community and we all work together. Where else can you go and see the person finishing last getting more cheers and support than the one that finishes first?