Beacon Teens


Educate and empower the students/athletes. Help them understand the powerful effects that frequent and varied physical activity can have on cognitive and behavioral health in addition to the already well known positive influences it has on the body itself.


Monday and Wednesday from 3:30-4:40


$110/ 4 weeks commitment

$275/12 week commitment


What should I expect?

To be challenged, and to get sweaty, all while having fun!

The sessions will be structured as follows:

  • Movement of the day (ie, squatting, deadlift/ hinge, balance, crawling, etc.)
  • Proper warm up for specified physical activity (ies) - ladders/ agility/ activation
  • Progressions and execution of movement skill of the day (STRENGTH)
  • A small physical challenge that accumulates to about 10-20 minutes of heart rate elevation (heart rate elevation is crucial to ensuring this project maximizes its potential)
  • Appropriate cool down and RECOVERY
  • Challenge of the week (examples: making your bed in the morning, saying nice to someone everyday, ect.) 

What are the benefits?

        • Reduced likelihood of injury by improving physical preparedness for activities students/ athletes partake in
  • Exposing athletes to novel movements
  • Increases physical preparedness for athletic endeavors, keeps them engaged
  • stimulates specific learning centers of the brain including the hippocampus, cerebellum, and the prefrontal cortex, which helps control thought coordination, attention, and emotion.
  • Embracing fun and new challenges takes students out of comfort zone
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