Who We Are

Brian  Haapala

Brian jumps in with both feet when something fuels his passion and CrossFit is no exception. He is like many in the Beacon community; a busy professional balancing work and family time. Brian started enjoying the idea of ‘working out’ by becoming a runner and then a triathlete (after learning how to swim for the first time in his life). He’s completed three marathons and every triathlon distance up to and including Ironman Lake Placid in 2010. These days "long" workouts include "Murph" and similar hero WODs over 20 minutes. He holds a master's degree in health services administration from the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

Krista Haapala
Level 1 Trainer, Owner

In addition to CrossFit, Krista is passionate about mountain biking, writing, meditation, and trail running. The life-changing effects of Beacon have stoked her renewed competitive spirit and even led to CrossFit-inspired poetry. Krista is also a contributor to the Tabata Times website and is an enthusiastic volunteer coordinator for the Tri for a Cure. She holds a master's degree from the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work and has practiced as a life and relationship coach with individuals and couples since 2005. As a mama of two amazing boys, she recognizes the value of modeling family fitness and having fun doing it.

Tyson Weems

Certifications: CF L1, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Kids 

Why I coach: To connect athletes with their bodies and their potential to crush in and out of the gym

Meg Edstrom
Level 1 trainer

B-E-A-C-O-N. Someone had to hang huge letters above the lifting stations. Meg has enjoyed being a part of the Beacon legacy since Tyson nearly killed her hanging those monsters. Her fitness also helped her rock the most intense workout of her life, resulting in her favorite PR – baby Evan! Rebuilding strength, speed, and endurance after taking time to heal has been a challenge, but helping other new and expecting moms is a new passion. She leads a group of Beacon Mommas once a month and provides our pregnant athletes with appropriate programming within our regular CrossFit classes. Her favorite CrossFit workout is “Nancy”, and she loves coaching anything with overhead squats or handstand push-ups. Outside the box, Meg is the Education Director for The Ecology School, a science and sustainability educational non-profit.

Kristen Moustrouphis
Level 1 trainer, CF Kids certification, Certified BirthFit coach, 200hr Yoga Teacher

John Rooks
Level 1 trainer

Rooks has been CrossFitting for four years, with only a small break to heal a torn ACL suffered playing ultimate frisbee. He's also the founder of Rapport, a Portland-based company sustainability providing software to help companies track, reduce, and share their environmental impact data. His favorite workouts are "Grace" and "The Filthy Fifty," and his max height box jump rivals that of some college basketball players. As a coach one of his favorite things are "PR eyes," which athletes tend to get upon realizing that they can do something they previously had thought impossible. Addition interests outside CrossFit include post-structuralism and hanging out at the beach.

Katherine Ureneck
Level 1 trainer

Katherine started CrossFitting at Beacon and continues exploring a variety of avenues for kicking butt. That has included boxing and currently powerlifting (focusing on the bench press, deadlift, and squat). She recently set a personal record and joined the 300-lb back squat club (actually hitting 310). As a coach she enjoys getting to work with and be inspired by athletes who show up and bring their best efforts day after day. "Cindy" (20 minutes of pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats) is among her favorite workouts, even though it's not one at which she naturally excels. She also loves spending time with her two kids when not fitness training or coaching.

Level 1 trainer

Christina made Christmas 2011 a special one by deciding to give herself the gift of joining Beacon. Having a long history in competitive ski racing and coaching Christina was looking for a way to get fit and tap in to her competitive nature. Beacon has been a life changing experience for her it was only natural for her to want to help other athletes and become a coach. Her favorite workout is Murph because it was her first hero WOD. She continues to work on personal goals in Olympic lifting and gymnastics but is most inspired by the amazing community of athletes around her. Outside the box Christina loves to travel, ski, play tennis and golf. FORE!

Erica Plasse
Level 1 trainer

Erica had been CrossFitting at Beacon for 4 years and before joining the staff. She has competed at other Maine boxes and continues building a resume of gymnastic and Olympic weightlifting skills. Her favorite workout is Air Force WOD because of its many barbell movements, and her favorite lift is the clean. When not coaching or training at Beacon, she is a Portfolio Development Manager at WEX. She also enjoys a variety of Maine and New England-based activities, including hitting the beach, watching football or the Sox at Fenway, listening to live music, and spending time with friends and family.

Kevin Haley
Level 1 trainer

Kevin got into CrossFit as a result of an injury that prevented him from running. He was also "sick of the commercial gym/boot camp scene." A recent pile of personal records (which are recorded on the whiteboard at Beacon) is evidence that the change has been good in a number of ways. As a coach he revels in diagnosing a movement issue, providing just the right cue, and then immediately seeing an athlete experience an "ah ha!" moment - often accompanied by a big smile. A couple of favorites at Beacon include cleans and "Fran" (21-15-9 reps of pull-ups and thrusters). Outside interests include skiing, cooking, golfing, and hiking - in no particular order.

Nick Nappi
Level 1 Trainer

Michelle Cusack
Level 1 Trainer